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Default Re: Water cooling... it is really starting to spike my interest-

I know what you mean about being scared about the first time you actually turn your pc on with your water cooling. Always hook it up to a PSU that isn't hooked up to anything, and run it for a full day to get the air out and check for leaks. This gets rid of a lot of the problems because if nothing is running, getting a little water on your board isn't going to fry it. Just fix the leak and test again.

I bought a little all in one solution with dual rads for my first one to get my feet wet, and it worked pretty good. It was easy to put it all together, and clamp down. It definitely wasn't made for heavy OC'ing or anything, and probably isn't as good as the zalman that is on my processor right now. I'd just suggest get right into it with 1/2" tubing and figure it out, otherwise your going to want to keep changing it. I'm probably going to get the swiftech apex ultra kit next time I decide to go liquid cooling.

I never had any issues with transportation, but with the way that my reservoir was set up I couldn't tip it on its side, so I just needed to make sure the case was standing up. Other than that I moved it many times.
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