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Default Evilghost would've been proud. :p

Well, in an effort to be able to get back into my XP install, I re-installed Kubuntu. Unfortunately I still cannot get into Windows. But Kubuntu is working fine.

Right now I'm in Kubuntu (obviously as I cannot get into Windows), using Konqueror to browse the web. While I'm browsing I'm also updating Kubuntu and installing new wallpapers.

I must say, when it comes to doing multiple things at once Kubuntu does seem to handle the task more fluidly than XP. Over all it does seem to be a bit slower than XP (it takes pages longer to load in Konqueror than it did in IE7). But for the most part it is pretty decent.

I must say, with this being my first real experience with any Linux distro- I actually like it.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm always going to use Windows as I'm a gamer- but from a pure productivity standpoint- I like Kubuntu a lot. Out of the box Internet and sound works just fine. Though unfortunately it has no idea what video card I'm using (eVGA 640MB 8800GTS). And I'm dreading installing the drivers for my video card as I'll have to do it from the command prompt.

Any how, just thought I'd share my thoughts about my first impression. I know that in order to get back into Windows I'm gonna' have to re-install it. That wont be a problem. But I'm definitely keeping Kubuntu on my rig.

I do have some questions though (as you probably figured). In windows, applications are installed via "executables" (.exe). With Linux things seem to be "different". How do I install applications? For example, if I wanted to use FireFox or Opera to browse the web- how do I install them? I've "downloaded" them to my computer- but I can't figure out how to "install" them. Is there some program I should use to install them (I've tried Ark and it doesn't seem to do anything)?

Thanks for your help.
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