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Default Re: GRUB borked my system!!! Help please!

Originally Posted by grey_1
You get that error off a default dows install also. It's just win complaining and moaning, it's good though.
What do you mean by "a default dows install"?

Any, just got XP installed on my secondary drive. I'm gonna' leave XP on this drive (it is my Primary Slave- the drive Kubunto was on originally), transfer my files over from the Primary Master (the drive with the original XP install and all my files and documents) to this Primary slave (the one with the new XP install), then re-install Kubuntu on my Primary Master (the drive with the original XP on it).

Whew, this turned out to be far more of a pain than I anticipated. Least I'm back up and running... sort of. Going through all the Windows Updates now, then to transfer my files, re-install my games, ugh.

Oh well. Gives me somethin' to do.
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