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Default Re: AMD layes off employees,in seeking cost savings

Originally Posted by Slammin
AMD will hopefully get an influx of cash from somewhere/some investor. That is the only way they can stay afloat. Sure they garnered some respect from large businesses but most large company's lease their servers and workstations, and equipment turn-around is a lot shorter as a result. The next lease rolls over the next few months will probably start swinging towards machines with the Intel CPU's again. Worse, AMD had the performance crown for quite a long while before I started seeing machines with AMD cpu's at my job. So there is also a huge lag factor. I don't think the lag swinging back to Intel will be near as long though.

If AMD cannot regain a foothold in a hurry, and they probably won't - can't, all bets are off that they remain viable unless someone hands them some cash, or Intel buys them :-) (man, that would suck!) Where is 3DFX? The cycle up one-upping the competition has much more effect these days than it did 10 years ago. Brand loyalty makes little business sense anymore.
Last I check ATi was doing better in the integrated market (think Cellphones, PDAs, etc) than Intel, plus the revenue generated by the x360 sales, computer sales (Dell, Gateway, HP, etc), generated revenue from the past several years (before Core2)- you come on here saying AMD is gonna' go under unless they recieve a miracle handout? I don't even see the logic in your argument.

And brand loyalty has nothing to do with what I'm saying. AMD still has plenty of revenue coming in. That is not the same as saying they're bringing in as much as Intel. That is to say that they are fully capable of staying afloat. How you feel otherwise eludes me.
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