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Eh, I think I'm gonna play with RH a little and try to learn some basics first. Even if I do get the network driver working on Debian I think I still need to figure out how to install a new version of xfree86 because the version that comes with Debian is from 2001 and I don't think it's playing nice with my FX5800. No matter what settings I tried X wouldn't start. Anyway RH9 is installed so I guess I'm gonna go figure out how to install the Nvidia drivers and get hardware acceleration working on the video card. RH9 picked up both the video card and the 3Com NIC during install just fine but I guess the AGP gart stuff isn't there since I have no hardware acceleration (box is grayed out in the display config in Gnome). I also need to figure out how to install OSS drivers for my Audigy 2. I read somewhere on a Usenet board that they had drivers that worked for the Audigy 2.

Oh for Suexec, I was using the bf24 option to install the 2.4 series kernel.
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