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Default Re: status of hdtv overscan via component outputs?

Originally Posted by rerushg
It's been over 24 hours since you posted so I guess nobody wants to tackle your question. I'll throw in my 2-cents to keep it going.
I didn't really expect a reply right away, since I posted on a holiday weekend.

Point is, I'm given to believe that the underlying issue is "commercial", not "technical". It's probably unreasonable to expect Nvidia to dedicate adequate resources to the Linux effort because of the size of the MS market, especially Vista. ATI is no better. What this market needs is a new player who might see VC hardware sales into the expanding Linux market as a "new opportunity". Until then I don't expect full video capability for all devices. Hope I'm wrong.
Development is always a tradeoff. There are linux drivers for nvidia cards, so obviously nvidia does see the linux market as important. If the powers that be saw this as a bug and it were relatively easy to fix or provide a workaround, I suspect it would be done, which leads be to believe it's either not seen as a bug or it isn't easy to fix.

I am thinking of trying an ATI card to see how they do with component out, but I don't have much experience with them on linux and I don't really want to spend the money.
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