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Default Re: beryl black windows bug

Originally Posted by jdeslip
I also have this problem, and eagerly await a fix. I wonder how many people are using x86 versions of linux. Is it true that 64 bit will use up your vram twice as fast; the same way it uses your system ram twice as fast? Perhaps, then, this problem is more dramatic on x86 64 systems which may explain the inconsistency between some users.
Why would anything like that happen? Sounds quite weird to me. Programs that run on a 64 bit processor uses likely the same amount of RAM as on any other platform. It only means that addresses can be specified in a wider range at once and floating point operations can be more precise or things like that. Besides I am using an AMD64 and havent encounter any such trouble as these except black window bug and it doesnt seem to be more dramatic than on 32 bit.
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