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Default Re: AMD layes off employees,in seeking cost savings

Originally Posted by Redeemed
Last I check ATi was doing better in the integrated market (think Cellphones, PDAs, etc) than Intel, plus the revenue generated by the x360 sales, computer sales (Dell, Gateway, HP, etc), generated revenue from the past several years (before Core2)- you come on here saying AMD is gonna' go under unless they recieve a miracle handout? I don't even see the logic in your argument.

And brand loyalty has nothing to do with what I'm saying. AMD still has plenty of revenue coming in. That is not the same as saying they're bringing in as much as Intel. That is to say that they are fully capable of staying afloat. How you feel otherwise eludes me.

Wow, you certainly are a little bit touchy on this subject

I'm just participating in a discussion, if that's OK with you. If it's not, suck it up.

Just offering my own perspective, and if you feel eluded that someone can see things differently from yourself, that just says it all, doesn't it?

Chill out fella.
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