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Default Re: Looking for TV Help (new purchase)

Originally Posted by DiscipleDOC
Sam's Club also.
Hmm...I don't see any sharp TV's on sam's club's website. I do see all of the good westinghouse models on the other hand, but on the website it also says that they are online order only. Screw that.

Costco's offer is just too tempting to pass. Free 2 year extended warranty and a 90 day return policy. And best yet, I don't have to wait for it to be delivered, nor worry about expensive as f*ck return shipping if its DOA. And this TV includes NTSC (analog terrestrial) ATSC (digital terrestrial/hd) and QAM (for cablecard) tuners.

Only bad side is that it doesn't have PIP, which I really want for my PC setup (I want to be able to watch TV at the corner of the screen while using my PC for whatever.) But I can live without PIP. I would definitely pick the westinghouse if it was available locally though, as PIP is more important than the tuners to me.

Originally Posted by Marvel_us
I don't think so. I think Walmart owns Sams Club.
Yep. Costco and Sam's club are direct competitors to each other as they both target the same kind of customer. Sam's club is named after the guy who founded wal-mart.
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