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Default Stop saying the NV30 will cost more than the R300!

Hello everyone,

I've seen WAY too many people saying "Well, who'd want to pay for the NV30 since it's obviously gonna cost 100 bucks more than the R300 right now and..."

I think someone is forgetting some things here:
1. nVidia is still using a 128 bit bus.
2. 0.13 yields at TSMC will most likely be at around 25% when the NV30 goes in real production. AND, considering the same yields, it isn't more costly at all to do 120 million transistors than 107 million transistors - it's likely even less costly.

So, in my opinion, using a 128 bit bus will most likely compensate for low yields. And if nVidia gets lucky, and gets about 30% yields at TSMC when in real production, they could really begin to have a margin at $399.

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