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Default Re: Massive AMD Price Drops on X2 6000+ and X2 5600+

Originally Posted by Heinz68
Can't believe nobody is getting excited about this huge price reduction, after all it's also great news for all the Intel fanboys at this forum.
Originally Posted by Xion X2
No need for that last comment; it's just going to start a flame war. Just state the price cuts and leave it at that.

And the "Intel fanboys" aren't too concerned about it because they're happy with their current platform. Intel had already scheduled a price cut around the middle of June for their processor line, but you're not likely to see anything change until then. Why would it? They still outperform the AMDs by a significant margin. AMD could drop the price of the X2 6000+ under 100$ right now, and many would still go Intel because they're faster.
I don't see any flame war, the only thing I see is price war and that sure benefits any computer user or fanboy.
About "fanboys", I believe we all are cheering for one company or other so by using the word I don't mean to insult anybody.

I must admit that I'm AMD fanboy but not a blind one, the bucks stops my fanboyism very fast.
My next complete upgrade is this fall and sure I'm going to get the best deal in my price range, that is for CPU up to $500. I do worry a lot that Intel might be the winner but that wont stop me from cheering for AMD.

I believe your statement that Intel outperform the AMD by "significant margin" is little blind fanboyism.

This post is mainly about the AMD X2 5600+ & X2 6000+ and I did link in my original post to AnandTech review. The X2 6000+ compared wery good to Intel's Core 2 Duo E6600 and was not far behind E6700
And here are today's best prices for the above CPU's:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ at $239.00
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 at $308.00
Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 at $509.00

Just to stop any further arguments:
I did also mention in the origional post that the E6600 would most likely overclock better but I don't think AMD needs to much worry about it, in my wild estimate 99.9% PC user do not overclock. For most people the bottom line is more important.

Talking about "significant margin", we should not forget what the picture was not so far ago. more accuretely up to July 14th 2006
Dual-core desktop CPU bout: AMD vs. Intel
Intel should be embarrassed with its showing in round 2. At every turn, AMD beat it to the punch. Even the Athlon 64 X2 3800+, the lowest end of AMD's dual-core CPUs, is better suited to 3D gaming than Intel's highest-end Extreme Edition 840 CPU, which lost by a full 10 percent.
Now that's what I call significant margin, lets hope the great times are back soon again.

One more PS
Let as also not forget that none of the CPU was overclocked in the above test, if it was Intel would have been even much furhter behind.
At that time the Intel Dual-Core was better suited as heating device than CPU.
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