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Default Can I show you guys what I've made for watercooling?

I know I don't post here to often, but I thought you guys might like to take a look and see what I've made for an external water-cooler There aren't really any "performance" external watercoolers out there, or at least any I would recommend to others, so I've spent some time, and took many of peoples' advice, and here is a working unit.

I've changed the case screws since this pic to brass

I've since changed the top plexi to a mesh type material for venting reasons

My lovely drain port!

In this picture you can see the new top mesh, and the brass case screws.

This is the rear of the case

This is mostly what goes with them

In person this looks amazing. This first case is just a mock up case, my FAB shop promised me the next time around, the cases will be "mostly" right on

As you can see I have good parts in these waterboxes, and I love the D-tek fuzion! Use them for all my builds. Thought I would drop by and let you see this build and hope you like it. Also I forgot to mention there are 2 4" CCFL lights in there too, and at night the BLUE shines very nice. IF any one has any questions, please feel free to PM me.

Take care
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