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Originally Posted by 1337_Like_ThaT
Yesturday night my buddy played MLB 2K7 for 7 straight hours on my plasma display and there was some major burn-in caused as a result, I'm talking to where lettering stuck on the screen had turned pink. Thankfully due to its Burn-In Protection technology, let it run through a series of Signal Pattern motions in prevention of causing pixel burn and all is good, no permanent damage.
It only took 7 hours to get burn in? That's crazy. Before our current DLP set we had a rear projection crt Panasonic and it took about 5 years for it to ever have burn in on the sides from watching 4x3 shows with the black pillars. We played games all the time on it for hours and the news ticker thing at the bottom of the screen on the FOX News channel was on screen a lot.

That's just strange to me that you could get burn in that quick. Also strange how you could get rid of it just as quick.
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