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Default Re: CoolIT Freezone/Eliminator Thread

Originally Posted by Heinz68
Finally I was able talk to CoolIt Systems Sean Mutlow and got RMA in Email.
He gave me option to install a fan replacement they woud provide or send back and replace the complete unit.
Since I'm not 100% sure it's only the fan, I decided to go for the RMA.

I hope next time I get more lucky since I was very happy with the Freezone cooling, beside I do believe that up to 175W heat output the TEC Freezone would ice ANY water only based CPU cooler.

My overclocked AMD Athlon x2 4200+ @ 2.65GHz Vcore 1.55V is at about 175W, so no problem there.

If I go next upgrade Dual Core AMD or Intel, the wattage on 65nm should be lower.

I might go Four Cores provided it drops to about $500.00 (this fall), I should also be OK with the Freezone if not trying extreme overclocking.

At least that was the info from Sean at CooliT and we know Tikiman had just about the same experience.

Sean at CooliT also confirmed that they're coming with more powerful unit but no dates or details.
If satisfied I can always upgrade later on.
Is that the reason why you're idling at 31? I idle anywhere from 15-20 degrees....
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