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Default Re: CoolIT Freezone/Eliminator Thread

Originally Posted by DiscipleDOC
Is that the reason why you're idling at 31? I idle anywhere from 15-20 degrees....
I did say my idle temps with Freezone are about 23C and this is on 450MHz overclock and
VCore +0.200v, check the post #72 this tread.
Not sure where you got the 31C but most likely it was the reading on the picture of the front case.

The Antec P160W has 2 temperature sensors which can be connected anywhere in the case.
I use one of the sensor on main Hard Drive and the other one is just loose in the middle of the case.

The reading in the front jumps every few seconds from one sensor to other same goes for the little green LED beside the number.
Since the LED light was on the botom when the picture was taken I know it was the Hard Drive temperature.

Just so there is not any doubt about the CPU temperatures I took today a screenshot of the idle temps.
The "Asus PC Probe II" shows CPU at 21C and the "Core Temp" shows reading
Core #0 23C and Core #1 13C

Same like last time the computer was not completely idle, I was sharing 2 big files with uTorent plus cruising the net but I don't think it makes much different.

As I said before I am very happy the the Freezone cooling the only problem is the extreme noise
which I'm sure is due to defective unit, thats why I'm sending back the unit for replacement.

I just noticed today the CPU Fan reading shows about 2900 RPM, usually it shows about 25000 up to 65000 RPM, I'm sure thats not possible, the PC would fly away.
I did mention this to the CooliT rep and he said the reading are not accurate since the pump and not the fan is connected on the motherboard CPU FAN power.

Sorry for the large 1920x1080 attached picture (the readings are all the way to the right), just want to show how good the desktop looks on the 37" Westy LVM-37w3 (1080p), just in case somebody is still in doubt.
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