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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Thread

Here is an interersting post from Phil for those interested. Its a response as to why they were able to pull off a 20% performance increase with just 6 months of work, and why the work was not included at release time....

Originally Posted by Phil Taylor
Bits and pieces here and there were surely thought of before. For instance Adam was right there wanting to multi-thread the terrain engine and had ideas.

But the implementation is new and has certainly been a learning experience. Its been solid work since Nov from the Graphics and Terrain team. The work includes at least:
1)enabled skinning for more objects,
2)done more work on the LOD system,
3)batched more objects to reduce Draw calls,
4)moved batch rebuilding to threads,
5)optimized tree rendering to reduce SetTexture calls,
6)optimized the UI rendering a bit,
7)moved DEM loading to threads,
8)moved terrain texture synthesis ( the process itself is documented in Adams' "Global Terrain Technology for Flight sim paper at, see the bit about the layers and texture synthesis ) to threads,
9)tried to coalesce as much shader state as possible
10)front-end texture loader loads full mips when it doesnt need to
11)removed redundant elevation queries when scenery complexity is low

there are a few others, but that is what I can write from memory without searching the tracking db.

And other devs have contributed as well, when you see the list of bugs fixed you will know what we put into this release.

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