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Default Re: Massive AMD Price Drops on X2 6000+ and X2 5600+

Xion as usual you're full off it, go read your first reply (post #5) about Intel outperforming AMD by a "significant margin" and find there ANYTHING about overclocking. GO BACK AND READ.

Actually it was me who said in the origional post #1:
"I believe if the same chips are overclocked Intel is going to be way ahead, on the other hand not everybody does overclock." GO BACK AND READ

And again me in post #21 replying to your post #5 I said.
"Just to stop any further arguments:
I did also mention in the origional post that the E6600 would most likely overclock better but I don't think AMD needs to much worry about it, in my wild estimate 99.9% PC user do not overclock. For most people the bottom line is more important."

I did say the above because I know you better, i knew you would come back with some kind of argument, you love to argue plus you never wrong. But it did not help at all, because finaly in your post #22 you did bring up "significant margin" in overclocking and going on and on and on and on, actually arguing with yourself since I did say twice before that the Intel Core 2 chips would overclock better. GO BACK AND READ

One more time you should have "GONE BACK AND READ" before you said:
"Honestly. I mean, Heinz--can you even effen read?"

Now after you finish reading get the **** out off this tread, I have enough off you.
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