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Default Re: Looking for TV Help (new purchase)

Originally Posted by ad hoc
Is there any partiular reason you want to go LCD/Plasma? I mean, unless you are putting it on a wall you will be paying for a premium that many people don't really need...

Personally, if you want to go with "inexpensive", I'd seriously look at DLP and/or LCoS (or SXRD or whatever Sony uses). In my opinion (and many others) DLP/LCoS has the best price/performance ratio of any display technology in the market except CRT. These displays offer better contrast and color repoduction than LCD's, and use much less power than Plasmas.

They aren't perfect, of course. Since they are rear projection technology, they have finite bulb lives (replacable), limited viewing angle (comprared to Plasma, arguably comparable to LCD), and other platform-specific issues such as "green blob" (SXRD) or Rainbows (DLP).

To start, might I suggest looking into TVs such as:

Samsung HLS5087W (50" DLP; or the new 2007 HLT series, but more money).
Sony KDS50A2000 (50" SXRD; I think there is a new A2200 series coming out soon, too).

For a quick and dirty look at some pics I've taken of my HLS5688W, take a look at these posts:
Well, the main reason many of us want LCD/Plasma is for games and PC usage. Projection and CRT technologies may have higher contrast ratios, but they are severely lacking when it comes to overall sharpness, viewing angles, and geometry perfection, which is extremely important for PC usage.

I've seen some people claim that some random Sony model xyz or whatever works as a great PC monitor, but when I ask them for up close pictures of it showing a windows desktop sans the blurriness and geometry problems, they suddenly quit posting.

And besides, the screens we are looking at here, particularly the westinghouse brands (which are notorious for making great HTPC television screens,) are not only smaller than a DLP of the same screen size, but they are cheaper as well.
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