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Default Re: Evilghost would've been proud. :p

Yeah, this turned out to be a rather huge nightmare.

Got Windows installed, all of the drivers and updates installed- and then went to see if my music would play- and it didn't! Not only would the songs I bought and downloaded from URGE not play, but also CD's I ripped to my computer would not play. I got an error message saying that there was no sound device on my computer- yet Windows alerts and such would play just fine.

And it is other wierd stuff like that happening. Like I can't get the Luna theme to work right now, so it looks as if I'm running a beefed up version of Windows ME.

Boy oh boy oh boy. I've thought about ditching Windows for a bit and going straight Kubuntu- but that'd mean I'd have to give up gaming. If I did that, it'd only be till I got my rig back up and running (just recieved the replacement mobo last night ). Not sure what I'm gonna' do yet...
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