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Default Re: Massive AMD Price Drops on X2 6000+ and X2 5600+

Originally Posted by Heinz68
Xion as usual you're full off it, go read your first reply (post #5) about Intel outperforming AMD by a "significant margin" and find there ANYTHING about overclocking. GO BACK AND READ.
Heinz, you have no argument. You're the one who's full of it. I went back and clarified exactly what I meant three times in a following post so there was no doubt what I was talking about.

And for chrissakes, this is an enthusiast forum. It should be a given around this place that any time we are talking about a processor's overall performance factor that we are taking into account how well it overclocks. I can't hold your hand and walk you through common sense things like this constantly. Use your brain and do some thinking for yourself, because this act of yours is really getting old.

Actually it was me who said in the origional post #1:

"I believe if the same chips are overclocked Intel is going to be way ahead
Yes, you did. And as you'll notice, I had no problem with it and said nothing about it. But then you came back with this in your next reply to me:

Originally Posted by Heinz
I believe your statement that Intel outperform the AMD by "significant margin" is little blind fanboyism.[/b]
--calling me a "fanboy," which I already told you is a derogatory term that you shouldn't just toss around casually, and also arguing against the Core2Duo being the faster performer by a significant margin. So, which statement should I take seriously from you, Heinz? Which one should I take as your opinion? Door #1 or Door #2? First you say that Intel would outperform the AMDs and be "way ahead" when overclocking, and then you have a problem with me saying they would outperform them by a "significant margin." So.. which is it? Do you believe the Core2Duos outperform the AMDs by a significant margin or not? This all seemed to stem from your belief that I was somehow referring to the benchmarks when I never was. I was talking about performance after overclocking, which I clarified on 3 separate occasions in my next post.

Do you see now why I replied back to you? If there's anyone who seems to be "arguing with [them]self", it is you.

Look, I'll try to reach a truce with you here. It's possible that both of us have misunderstood each other. So I apologize if this has turned into a flamefest because of that. That wasn't my intent. I was just trying to clarify the facts since you seemed to be contradicting yourself. My apologies to all.

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