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Default Re: Massive AMD Price Drops on X2 6000+ and X2 5600+

Originally Posted by stevemedes
Captnkill, you dont have to spend alot on ram anymore! Ram prices are way way less than they used to be. Check this out, these are D9 sticks too:

That ram was 300 bux not long ago, now its <200 after rebate... Im kicking myself in the ass right now LOL.
Yeah I know, but still, I have to spend another $150 for practically nothing. There is little to no real world benefit from faster ram, and I'd still have the same capacity. I'm used to making large jumps in memory size for upgrades or large jumps in speed to go along with major system upgrades. This would basically be buying RAM just to use another motherboard, rather than buying ram because it needs upgraded.

If I went with 4Gb (which has crossed my mind...) I'd actually be getting a decent upgrade in the memory department, but the cost would be outrageous (for me). My system upgrades are usually relatively cheap. I buy the lowest model of CPU (to overclock), a good motherboard and good but low priced memory.

EDIT: Wow the prices really have come down recently haven't they? This is $40 cheaper than it was last time I checked a few weeks ago:

And it comes with a free mini 512Mb flash drive. Heh, I'm half tempted to grab it now just to get in on the flash drive deal... but I have to resist, since I still don't know when I'll actually be doing an upgrade. With all the price drops that are flying around, the cheapest 45nm core 2 quad is looking really tasty, but I don't know how much those will be or when we'll see them. I'll probably still go for a 6420 or 6320.
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