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Default Re: Looking for TV Help (new purchase)

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
Well, the main reason many of us want LCD/Plasma is for games and PC usage. Projection and CRT technologies may have higher contrast ratios, but they are severely lacking when it comes to overall sharpness, viewing angles, and geometry perfection, which is extremely important for PC usage.

I've seen some people claim that some random Sony model xyz or whatever works as a great PC monitor, but when I ask them for up close pictures of it showing a windows desktop sans the blurriness and geometry problems, they suddenly quit posting.

And besides, the screens we are looking at here, particularly the westinghouse brands (which are notorious for making great HTPC television screens,) are not only smaller than a DLP of the same screen size, but they are cheaper as well.
You are probably right; unfortunately I'm not really a person to ask of relating to HTPC stuff. Then again, what is this TV going to be used for? Quickly browsing through the OP posts in this thread lead me to (1) He wants inexpensive, (2) He wants high performance, (3) He will watch 22 HD channels on his nice TV. I apologize if I missed any other declarations

It's kind of like the truck/car argument; they both get you there, however one does some things better (gas mileage, performance, handling), and the other does others better (hauling, ground clearance, ruggedness). Would you buy a truck and commute 100 miles a day to work, or buy a car to help at the ranch? It's probably quite doable in either case, but with financial burden in the first and quite a physical problem in the second.

So you would place LCD as a better performer in viewing angles than DLP? I might agree if you strictly include vertical viewing angle, but I feel horizontal angles are pretty close for these technologies.

However, I can connect my laptop to the TV and take some pics for your reference if you like -- I'm not the type of person to just quit posting. Just give me your parameters (distance, angle, reference picture/webpage, etc), and I'll do the best I can do...
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