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Default Re: Post your Blu-ray discs here

Picked up A Scanner Darkly, Saw and Payback today.

Has anyone seen Dragon's Lair for sale *anywhere*? It's an old game that was on laserdisc in its heyday but now they've made it available on blu-ray. I was hoping to pick it up but didn't see it listed at Amazon, Best Buy, Circuit City or Newegg. I did find it on their website (digital leisure, I think it is) but their cart doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling. So, I don't want to order directly from them if I can avoid it.

Edit: Nevermind, I just went to see if I could find the PC version (since it supposedly has been out a while) and found that Amazon is now listing the blu-ray version.

Edit 2: Actually, Amazon is saying April 17th for Dragon's Lair so maybe that's why I couldn't find it.
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