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Default Re: Post your HDTV displays here

Originally Posted by ad hoc
Nice speakers! I couldn't help but notice (if I'm looking at those pics correctly) that they are in an awfully tight space! You probably aren't getting all you can out of your amp/speakers because of your limited-size room and speaker placement.
I know... i can adjust them a little now that my other stuff has arrived.

I had them hooked up in a larger room downstairs once, and it sounded perfect / better.

But i still have to make some minor adjustments like stone plate's and turn them in a little to the listening position, and move them more away from the walls.... I also need a better Source player, but that's all in time

Tomorrow im getting my leather chair in what im going to use to listen to my Music and watch my movie's
One step closer again in the final.

THnx for your tip and appriciation in what you see.

I also enjoy watching other's setups!
Keep them Posting!

Greetz Neophyte.
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