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Default Re: Massive AMD Price Drops on X2 6000+ and X2 5600+

Xion all I did is, ask you to READ, READ and READ AGAIN in order the posts where made and if you did you would not have any misunderstanding.

You refuse to do that and decided to mix the order of the replies and use them very selectively.

I'm fully aware off the art of selective replies and know it could only lead to endless arguments which you unlike me enjoy a lot. I can show you plenty examples of it in your posting history but you should know better.

This statement by you in post #36 :
"Use your brain and do some thinking for yourself, because this act of yours is really getting old."

Kind of completely cancels your not so sincere apology in the same post:
"Look, I'll try to reach a truce with you here. It's possible that both of us have misunderstood each other. So I apologize if this has turned into a flamefest because of that. That wasn't my intent. I was just trying to clarify the facts since you seemed to be contradicting yourself. My apologies to all."

Beside I was not looking for apology, all i ask for was for you to READ and not twist the facts around but since I know you have problem with that I would really prefer that you stay away from my posts completely and that should not be so difficult to do, or is it?
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