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Default Re: Evilghost would've been proud. :p

Originally Posted by grey_1
I've never had a problem with dual either way really, or after I started using GRUB I should say. I HATE lilo. I just swap it often enough I got tired of booting off my win to repair the mbr.

@Redeemed - Whatchoo doin there bub?

Your supposed to have trouble with lin and praise win, you got it all bass ackwards!
Yeah, I know. Now it isn't even loading into the Windows desktop. It just freezes at the "Welcome" screen.

I think that a lot of this is due to my copy of XP. It is from 2001 when XP was first released, and has been used hundreds if not thousands of times (It's the enterprise edition). I should probably just pick up a copy of XP Pro with SP2 and be done with it. But with Vista Ultimate Upgrade only costing about $50 more I'm wondering if that'd be wise. I don't want to go completely Vista at the moment, as I mostly game on my computer and XP seems to do that best. But I don't want to purchase a copy of an OS that wont be around much longer.

I'm half tempted to just stick with Kubuntu untill the issues with Vista get sorted out (probably the first service pack). By then DX10 games will probably be available (Crysis and others) thus providing more of a reason to go with Vista.

I haven't had this much trouble with Windows since I used ME. But even that was due to my own ignorance.
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