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Default Re: Massive AMD Price Drops on X2 6000+ and X2 5600+

Xion all I did is, ask you to READ, READ and READ AGAIN in order the posts where made and if you did you would not have any misunderstanding.
I did "READ READ READ" your posts. Even after you threw out the "Intel Fanboys" comment, which I told you is not a good idea. That is a derogatory comment and does nothing but put people on the defensive right away and suggest that you're out to start trouble. Everyone in the free English-speaking world appears to know this except yourself.

So I'm sorry if I didn't interpret your post perfectly, but when you go spouting off about "Intel Fanboys" and start arguing with me about there being a "significant margin" in performance between AMD and Intel high-end processors while calling me a fanboy personally here:

Originally Posted by Heinz68
I believe your statement that Intel outperform the AMD by "significant margin" is little blind fanboyism.
--just what am I supposed to think? You tell me, since you obviously know my persona better than I do. After all, I like to argue right? (I don't, actually)

And I'll reply to any one of your posts I like. If you don't like it, then go cry to a mod and stop crying here. I haven't been reprimanded for anything in the past 6 months around this place; you're one of a select few individuals who seems to have a personal problem with me and can't let it go.

And I'll tell you what I told you in my last reply. If that's the case, then take it to PM and we can discuss it. This kind of crap doesn't need to be on the board.

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