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Default Re: Water cooling... it is really starting to spike my interest-

Originally Posted by DRen72
I'm considering upgrading to a QX6700/6800 soon and am highly considering water cooling. I have an Antec P180b case and have done some research on adding watercooling to it. Looks like I would need the following parts to get a proper water cooling setup in my rig for the quad core. Any experience with these parts and results?

Radiator = Swiftech MCR120
Reservoir = Swiftech MCRES-Micro
Pump = Swiftech MCP350
Water Block = Swiftech Apogee GTX
For your pump, get this. It is basically the same pump.. same DDC motor. However, that top allows you to natively use 1/2 ID tubing which will give extra flow. I have this pump and can vouge for its power.

Like Xion said make sure to get a double rad. 120 rads will not cut it... PA120.2 will be enough. Yes, Thermochills are twice as thick as other rads which is why they are better. Plus, their fins are spaced differently allowing more free air to blow the heat away, resulting in less CFM (and less noise) required.

Also, I personally am switching over to a T line... but that's just me
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