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Default Re: Evilghost would've been proud. :p

Originally Posted by grey_1
I have great performance in STALKER, Doom 3, Prey, FarCry and the Unreal series. FEAR is much better with these 100.70 drivers + that tweak posted in the vista drivers section.

That said, there are still minor issues, vsync doesnt always look great, I understand SLI is still a bit slow in some games.

Of course ymmv, but it probably wouldn't hurt you to see how the next driver release is prior to purchase. I'm having great luck atm, others are not.

Either way, Vistas been good to me, no regrets atm.
I don't know- I'm just tired of dealing with this. I'm figurin' my copy of XP is probably on its last leg (it is near 6 years old after all, very used, and also a "burned" copy- no I didn't pay anybody for it either). I don't want to purchase another copy of XP Pro as it seems like it'd be a waste with Vista already out.

The only logical choice seems to be to just break down and purchase a copy of Vista- wouldn't you say? I like Kubuntu, especially since I got the internet to work. But I also want to be able to game on my rig, which I can't quite do that well using Kubuntu. As such, Vista does seem like the more logical choice- doesn't it?
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