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Default Blurry center screen with nVidia 6150/NF430 on AMD64

Hi, I just installed the NVIDIA driver on my new system. It was pretty easy.

It configured for me and everything seems to be pretty dandy, EXCEPT in the center of the screen the text is kinda blurry. Everywhere else, the text is sharp and crystal clear. But I also notice that before I log in, there's a wavy area down the middle of the screen that I can best describe as looking like a tornado ... it shimmers and it looks like it's made up of lots of little horizontal lines, and it's just in that area where the text is blurry when I'm in X.

I have an AMD64 system with an Abit NF-M2 nView motherboard (NVIDIA 6150/NF430) and an HP widescreen monitor. I used to install the driver. My kernel is 2.6.18-4. I'm attaching a ZIP of the bug report shell...

PLEASE help! I don't wanna fry my new monitor or spend my life adjusting to blurry middle parts of sentences .... I will be a VERY happy camper once I figure all this out....

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