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Default Re: ASUS P5B Deluxe Bios 1101

I think I read something about this a while ago. I believe they fixed it by setting the NB,SB,FSB and everything to a manual instead to auto.

EDIT: (post#2854)

PCI-E 1x Link Width issue :
Happens when OC-ed. After restart link width is automaticlly set to 1x instead of 16x, which causes significant performace downgrade. Reason unknown. Happens mostly with ATI GPU cards. Possibly a BIOS protection measure, preventing percieved possible damage to GPU or motherboard, or a BIOS problem with proper video card initaition.

Symptoms :
PCI-E Link Width switches from 16x to 1x after a restart.

Solution :
- Unplug PSU, wait a few seconds, replug PSU.
- Unplug PSU, reset CMOS, replug PSU, renter all BIOS settings, save, shutdown, power on.
- Combining slightly lowering or uping voltages of PCI-E, Vmch, VCore and FSB can usually fix it. Also try
disabling ASUS C.G.I and PEG Force 1x., and changing values to PEG Link Mode.
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