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Default Re: Looking for TV Help (new purchase)

Originally Posted by ad hoc
So you would place LCD as a better performer in viewing angles than DLP? I might agree if you strictly include vertical viewing angle, but I feel horizontal angles are pretty close for these technologies.

However, I can connect my laptop to the TV and take some pics for your reference if you like -- I'm not the type of person to just quit posting. Just give me your parameters (distance, angle, reference picture/webpage, etc), and I'll do the best I can do...
Well, I don't know how DLP are *supposed* to perform off of the sales floor (which may be different given the lighting, etc) but from what I can see, they aren't any better than conventional rear projection TV's when it comes to viewing angles. Which doesn't mean that they are absolutely horrible, but they don't compare to newer LCD's.

Plus LCD's are now able to easily cross into the 1080p range for larger displays. Plasma and DLP have a harder time with this, except for the type of DLP screens that project the 3 different base colors simultaneously, but those are extremely expensive.
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