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Default Re: Played Everquest 2 for the first time...


I don't know what game settings you use so it is hard to know what to tell you to tweak. There are a couple of things though like eviromental relections update, which you should set to once as opposed to continual, and number of spells per person should probably be no more than 2. I would also limit player torches to either 1 or 2. It doesn't add anything to have every player torch around you lighting things up, it just gets overly bright, but it does slow things down. I use max light and max specular lights but you could limit those to 4 each for some help.
Also, there is no real visibile difference between the highest quality shadows, and the setting just below it, so use the setting just below the highest.

I am currently running 101.02 XP drivers.

Part of this may just be perception of what is adequate for this game. I have played alot of role playing and MMUDs over the years and I am willing to put up with slower framerates for this type of game. I am not trying to snipe some guy running flat out accross an arena from me so I don't need all those frames per second.

One other thing to play with is how many high quality characters you have drawn at one time, and how many lower quality. I used to run at 4 and 30 with my 6800GT, now I run with 8 and 40.

Also, I don't think you are going to have much of an increase going from an 8800GTX to 8800GTXSLI. I still think that you end up somewhat CPU limited. The game is just not coded all that well when it comes to offloading work from the CPU. I have always found that their occlusion calculations are practically non-existant and much is being drawn that you can't see. The game doesn't take advantage of dual cores so that is not helping you much.

Good luck!

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