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Default Re: Played Everquest 2 for the first time...

There's a lot of negative Station Exchange comments in this thread. What everyone needs to understand if they don't know is that only a small selection of the EQ2 servers are Station Exchange enabled. It's like the choice between a PVP and NON-PVP server. If you don't like it, don't start on one of the exchange enabled servers - problem sovled. Why do people insist on applying things like this to the entire game when it's simply a choice?

EQ2 was never made for PVP. It was never suppose to be added to the game. It seems to have been a reaction to the player base and has been supported poorly since being released. PVP in EQ2 is pretty horribe - oh yeah.

The demand for PVP took SOE off guard I think. It's very hard to balance for PVP and probably a nightmare if a game was built only for PVE play. It's a miracle it exists in EQ2 at all.

EQ2 Now VS. Launch
It's pretty much a totally different game. Everything really lacking in EQ2 has been corrected. I've never before seen a game improved so much. It's just down right incredible how often EQ2 is improved. If only Blizzard would put 1/10th of the effort into improving WoW (seriously).

Most negative comments about EQ2 are based on things that were changed or corrected over a year ago. Sometimes it's funny to read things said about EQ2 and know that the people saying those things are repeating things they've heard or using experiences from a year or two ago.
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