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Default Re: Evilghost would've been proud. :p

Okay, so far this install is working without issue. I'm quite pleased.

It saved me from dropping down around $265 for Vista Ultimate upgrade.

I'm gonna' re-install Kubuntu tonight.

And, now onto a Linux problem I had...

When I had Kubuntu installed, I tried installing some new desktop backgrounds (wallpapers). Some of the required a resolution higher than 1024x768. Any how, I tried to apply them (hoping it'd automatically up the resolution) and it wouldn't work- I got an error message instead (can't recall what the error message was). So then I go and try to up the resolution manually, and notice that it wont go higher than 1024x768. Is that because I don't have the drivers for my 8800GTS installed, or is that the resolution at which Kubuntu peaks at?
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