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Default Re: Bios refuses to save changes?

Originally Posted by Dazz
Well i have a ABIT IN9 MAX and it seems to do this to me i find you have to open the option change save go back into it and save manually for it to save very annoying mind.

Two things to try:

1. Always make your saves from the uGuru section. Make sure to hit F10 when you do.
2. Disable LinkBoost. With it enabled, it automatically increases SB and HTT and you cannot set (save) them lower to what LinkBoost sets them to.

Speaking of LinkBoost, it bumps your PCI slots up to 125MHz and and another bus up to 250MHz and can (did for me) cause HD corruption, so I would suggest not using it for that reason alone, but the fact that it screws with your voltages is pretty annoying too.
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