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Gary Jefferson
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Unhappy AIGLX, GeForce3, and arbitrary breakage

I've been running AIGLX for several months now on my GeForce3 Ti 200, using the old unified driver. It worked *ROCK SOLID* and the 3D effects were always very smooth and very snappy. Compiz and Beryl worked wonderfully, without resorting to XGL.

However, now that I am forced to 'upgrade' to the legacy driver, GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap no longer works, and of course I can no longer do any AIGLX, no compiz, no beryl.

It appears that nvidia has no intention of adding support for legacy cards back in. Is that correct? Has nvidia really broken this feature for me, never to repair it?

For now, I can still get the old unified driver to install and work and can still get aiglx, but this will obviously change very soon, as it fails to compile on newer kernels...

Will nvidia add support back in for "legacy" cards, or is there some trick to make the non-legacy driver work with GeForce3?
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