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Default Re: Stability Problems amd64


1. The current driver was installed with the ebuild. Yes, I have tried both approaches with different distributions, to rule out install-peculiarities, but when the nvidia driver is loaded and I'm logged in, the system completely crashes randomly.
The API mismatch is from 12 days ago, which has nothing to do with the current problem.

2. I only have one card, but a split cable.

/ Mo.#1
Card ---<
\ Mo. #2

The config with the two cards is what I got from using the nvidia-installer, I just kept the configuration, because it worked.

3. Yes, there is onboard video, but I don't use it.
4. I have revdep-rebuild'ed my system to death as well as "emerge -uv --deep world". There shouldn't necessarily be any library inconsistencies.
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