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Default Re: DVDTown: Say NO to Blu-Ray

I guess I don't understand why people are so willing to put up with issues on HD DVD as it goes through it's growing pains but have a cow over every little thing on the blu-ray side. For example, see the below quote that came from a review on the newer HD DVD players. It's from a review on the new one but it addressed the first one that so many here *rave* about. Similiar reviews on the new unit revealed the same sort of info (glad they're finally getting it right). But, you'd never know any of that reading anything here. With Children of Men and The Good Shepard having playback problems on HD DVD hardware, it's obvious that things aren't perfect on the HD DVD side either. Note, I'm not trying to say that blu-ray doesn't have issues. I can't even play the Chronos blu-ray disc that I recently purchased. It's just that people seem to gloss over any HD DVD issues and pretend they're not there while blu-ray gets criticized for every little thing.

You'd think that the goal of both is to provide a good experience for the user so I don't it's any stretch to think the blu-ray side will eventually get things sorted out as well.

Toshiba seemed to invest significant time and resources into delivering top-notch picture and sound from HD DVD, but the first generation players were awkward and user-unfriendly even at their best, and absolute glitchy nightmares at their worst. More computer-in-a-box than traditional DVD player, the HD-A1 and HD-XA1 were clunky and slow, taking anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes to load certain discs, and frequently suffering frustrating freeze-ups, skipping, and audio sync problems. Some of these issues were reduced after firmware updates, but none ever completely went away. Just about every HD DVD owner has experienced that worst of all possible scenarios -- sitting down with friends or family, getting invested in watching some beautiful HD imagery, only to have the player crap out mid-movie and require a lengthy shutdown and reboot session. That's no way to sell people on the product.
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