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Default Re: DVDTown: Say NO to Blu-Ray

The A2 and XA2 fixed nearly all of the problems of the first generation, more than halved load times. Are there still bugs? Sure.

But you're missing the point. I'm not complaining about load times or glitches with playback on certain discs. I'm complaining about the fact that the complete lack of a standard that all players must conform to, along with incomplete software specs means that in 6 months when these specs are “finalized” (most likely not for the last time), current players may not be able to play new discs conforming to the finalized specs.

Rendering old hardware unusable is unacceptable. Why would anyone invest in a new BD player right now if they may not even be able to use it in the future?

HD DVD specs were finalized before the players were out and each stand-alone player must conform to strict guidelines in order to get approval (i.e. TrueHD and DD+ decoding on the player) which, for BD, does not apply.

How do they expect anyone to take their format seriously when they keep changing it up and offer products that don’t have a standard set of features ensuring that any disc can be played back with 100% features possible?
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