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Question quadroFX 1000/E7505 chipset

Is Nvidia going to support the Intel E7505 chipset any time soon?

I've installed the latest driver on a redhat9 machine with a quadroFX 1000 card and an E7505 based motherboard. Graphics performance benchmarks are way low (on most parameters lower than my laptop). Worse yet, when an opengl app is running, the X server stalls to almost a standstill. I noticed in the README file that this chipset is not supported, which makes me believe that the AGP bus is not being utilized at all. I tried to play witht the "NvAGP" option in XF86Config but nothing helps. The problem is that my current kernel (4.20.9) does not support E7505 either so I can't compile AGPGART into the kernel. One option would be to upgrade to version 5, which has such support but I'm a little leery of switching to a flaky kernel without being certain that this would resolve the AGP problem.

Any advice?
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