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Default Re: Post Your 8800 Gts Overclocks

Originally Posted by Vagabond
911 medic the person that is writing the topic you refer to couldnt be more new to Overclocking. He is obviously refering to a Rivatuner/Drivers Overclock and not a Bios overclock. Thats Mainly why i always prefer and recommend a Bios Overclock and not a Software Overclock.
Now why would a person spend all his time doing software Overclocks i dont know but like i said i dont think his best field is Overclocking.

jakup hard to say since i didnt bench the card prior to oveclocking the shaders from 1250 to 1500. If anyone else wants to OC the shaders make sure you bench it first
So people that use software to overclock are newbies? I don't follow your logic. Many, if not most, of us here use software (such as coolbits, rivatuner, ATITool, etc) to overclock their video cards. And we're not newbies.

BIOS overclocking a CPU is a different story, as the settings are easily adjustible. Repeatedly flashing my video card's BIOS to overclock it seems ridiculous.

Perhaps I'm misreading something in your post. But I think you should check into the person you're talking about before making such a statement.
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