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Default Re: GLX crashing with nvidia binaries on slackware-current

Something looks to be wrong in the /dev/nvidia* device ownership on your system. /dev/nvidia0 should not be entirely owned by root. I'm not that familiar with Slackware, however, I'd guess that /dev/nvidia0 should be owned by your user when that user is logged into X.
Hm, it's world read/writable, but I 'll look into that.

Something is misconfigured on your system (or perhaps this is a Slackware bug), however I don't believe that this is a driver bug, as I've not had anyone else report this (especially a Slackware user)
I guess you're right, something is borked on my system, but since I'm running out of ideas, I thought I give it a try.

Thank you for your help.
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