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Default Re: lookin for some suggestions

yeh....i planed on upgrading my ram, but havent paid much attention to how the technology has progress in the past year other than vid cards. I have an xfx8800gtx that i aquired through christmas(was my one and only present...they all banded together to get me it) but dont really plan on adding a second one yet. Right now, i run an amd 3800x2 oc'ed at 2.45(been stable for the past 6-7 months) 2gb corsair value select ram. evga nforce4 chipset mobo, some assorted hard drives amounting up to 500gb. and my razer barracuda ac-1/hp-1 sound system you could call it. like i not tooo concerned with going sli yet, i would like some higher end ram....but nothing way too expensive. ive got around 500 bucks....and if i really wanted to i could prolly squeeze out 700....oh, and i run vista ultimate...if it makes any diff.


edit(damn i gotta think of everything before i finish a post) i do plan on oc'ing to somewhere over 3-3.2 ghz......and ive got an ocz 700watt gamestream(name could be wrong but its the ocz one)
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