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Default Re: Just read something quite interesting.

Originally Posted by XDanger
Motorola 6800 FTW !!!!
pc's had green and black displays when the amiga was king
pc's were so lame.
Motorola 68000's were among the fastest processors of their day.

They put the Genesis ahead, and they still keep the SNK Neo Geo alive.

In fact, the PPC in the Gamecube is said not to be as powerful in certain ways as was sega cd and genesis together (mc69k @ 7.6 mhz in gen, 12.5 mhz in the sega cd).

I think they should somehow, if possible, modify the mc68k design so it could be in 2/3 of game consoles again.

Speed, maturity, and blast processing were possible only on the genesis courtesy of sega.

BTW, the Genesis was partially 32 bit b/c of the MC68k. See how humble Sega was? Sega always referred to the Genesis as no more than 16 bit.
Hell, if nintendo made the 32x, the genesis and the sega cd, then Nintendo probably would have gone as far to say that they had a 128 bit system (in 94). And they would have called the 32x the 64X.

With the Sega Saturn, Sega often gave the worst-case scenario specs, while Nintendo and Sony gave the best case scenario specs most, if not all of the time.

And Sega's the one that people like the least.

What a ****-up=(

Whether Sega-haters like it or not, the Saturn was more powerful than the PS1.

The most advanced programmers know that=)
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