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Default Re: Played Everquest 2 for the first time...

Come on man... Oblivion does not look "twice as good" as EQ2. Don't turn into one of those annoying exaggerating people.

Hand up for another 8800 user that gets good frame rates.

One thing though - they new Fay areas of the game, especially the city area and around it are very poly heavy and there are lots of "living environment" elements like butterflies and such. It's a nasty area for anyone.

And remember, Oblivion was released a year after EQ2 was released and they didn't have to worry about online multip-play. The EQ2 engine is pretty dang good. It's not highly optimized - or looks that way, but graphically it's still one of the best games out there.

P.S. MMORPG's are the devil. Stay away if at all possible.
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