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Default Re: Re: Stop saying the NV30 will cost more than the R300!

Originally posted by DadGT

The NV30 is a still unannounced part. How do you know that it will be 128 bit bus? Are you basing it on the Daivd Kirk comment that 256bit is "overkill, at the moment." nVidia moves fast, that moment may have already passed.

I would not be surprised at all to see the NV30 with 256bit memory.
My post was a reply to people using rumors to predict the NV30 will cost more than the R300.

And according to those same rumors, it'll use a 128 bit bus.

So, what i'm tyring to say is that according to the currently available information, it is not as likely as people believe that the NV30 will cost more than $400.

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