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Default Re: Looking for TV Help (new purchase)

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
I just picked up a TV today at costco. I got the Sharp 46", because the 42" is online only. When I got it home though I quickly realized that it is simply too big for my usage

I'll hang on to it for a few days/weeks just to see if I can get used to it. I intend for it to be primarily for PC usage, so it just can't be too big. I've yet to try it on my PC; I'll try to do that tomorrow. Right now I am watching shows on my hdtivo and its pretty good. The picture is so sharp that if you sit close enough, you can see the borders of the tiles which result from mpeg-2 compression when you watch a 1080i source such as an over the air digital broadcast in perfect 1:1 scaling.
Before I did buy my Westy LVM-37w3 I was also considering the Sharp Aquos 42D62U,
42" probably is the largest size suitable for PC monitor.

I decided to buy the LVM-37w3.
a) compared to the Sharp 42D62U it was less than half price.
b) at AVSforum treads, there was BY FAR less complains about the Westy 37" than on the Sharp Aquos 62U line.

If you like to find out more about it, here is the Sharp Aquos 42D62U/46D62U/52D62U link.
The tread is now about 9400 post long and I don't think the banding issue was yet fixed by Sharp.
No need to read every post, most info are in first post.

Not everybody was complaining about the banding, here is unofficial banding poll at AVSForum

Looks like the 42" owners complained the least.
Funny the Sharp 42D62U was made by Westinghouse.
The 46D62U and 52D62U models vere made by Sharp at its new Kameyana II plant.

I believe the new Sharp Aquos 82U line soon in retail, should not have the banding problem, specially after Sharp having to deal with so many complains on the 62U line.
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