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Default Re: What happend to the political section?

Originally Posted by Redeemed
Well, has anybody tried PM'ing MikeC about this yet?

I PM'd him this afternoon. I am being patient about it.

It cannot be bans (or rather, is probably not bans), because of the wide range of people who cannot get in.

Originally Posted by DecipleDOC
And how did I get dragged into this? If you can not access the forums, I have nothing to do with it. Don't blame me for your problems.
I would usually blame UDawg...but since he has not posted here, I will blame you instead. Jerk. :P

Originally Posted by Sazar
Lol, I didn't even notice it was down till I read this thread.

I mean honestly, do you guys SERIOUSLY miss it?
It is not down for everyone, just some of us. Personally, I do miss it. I think the most intelligent people are drawn there, and I have learned a great deal from the people there.
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