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Default Re: What happend to the political section?

Originally Posted by CybrSage
It is not down for everyone, just some of us. Personally, I do miss it. I think the most intelligent people are drawn there, and I have learned a great deal from the people there.
I remember when we first asked Mike to create it, Udawg, Vamps, myself, Psycho, 1stflight, Sytaylor, Bu and co (it's late, I don't recall some of the other regular posters back then).

It WAS about content and discussion. Not the b.s. it devolved to.

I think perhaps it should just be locked away for a good time. Heck, there wasn't even any moderation in there anymore so it had basically devolved into a free-for-all.

I miss the good old days from WAAAAY back when
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